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NaNoWriMo 2008 Grand Re-opening!

Hello and welcome to this long-languishing community! I've redone the format and added a nice default icon in the hope of drawing some Whedonverse writers in for NaNo 2008. Whether you are writing Whedonverse fanfic or original fiction, everyone is welcome, as long as they're a fan of one or all of the Whedon shows!

If anyone is interested in adding me as a writing buddy on the NaNo site, the link is here:


Feel free to comment with your info here, or make your own introductory post.

Just to get you started, check out the
. Give yourself permission and dedicate yourself to this fun and crazy month!

Welcome, everybody, and good luck!

So, How'd We Do?

I finished this morning in a final, mad dash to the finish line that involved swiss white chocolate and a very confused hairbrush.

This time last week, I was convinced that I couldn't possible make it, but I pulled it together over the last few days, wrote far more than I'm sure is healthy for the human body, and here I sit with 51k words of a half-finished epic fic that makes little to no sense and probably violates every Buffyverse cliché in the book.

I feel inordinately proud of my drivel. It's a curious sensation.

Word Count

2012 / 50,000

Today's count:
269 / 1700

Isn't that pathetic? I have to end up at 5100 today. Wah!

Word count thingy

Guys and gals, where do I find the code for that nifty Word Count thingy?
Did anyone else count down and start writing at midnight or am I like some kind of crazy person?

I'm not hating my work, thus far.

How's everyone else faring now that the starting pistol's been fired?

Panic: Take 1

Has anybody else hit the pre-project panic stage?

You know: I have no plot; I have no antagonist; I have no direction. Ack! This isn't a story!

I know I can get to 50k, but I'm starting to think it'll be 50k of pointless drivel.

Just wondering....

I've created another LJ for progress updates during November (oheight20) and I was just wondering if anyone else is keeping their work in a separate forum. If so, let me know where, I'd love to watch those.

Help with my plot

What I have so far...Collapse )

I still have some questions I can’t figure out. Maybe one of you guys can help brainstorm with me..

1. Why does the Dark Lady from the Jungle want to kill the whole crew?

2. What should I name this Dark Lady from the Jungle? I want it to be something alien, something incredibly weird, not human.

3. Should I have another subplot in here?

4. What should happen at the end that destroys the ruins and the Dark Lady from the Jungle?

5. Is this enough of a plot for 50,000?

6. How long should Cael's journey when he leaves the ship to look for Adelie last?

Anyone with ideas, please chime in.
I'm still trying to figure out how to make this community Friends Only without paying money for it, but... so far, no luck.

30 members! We're like a real group now or something!

I was curious if anyone was interested in having me post the 5 minute daily free form exercise that's posted in nanowrimo? I've been peering at them occasionally, and have decided to start doing them (along with 15minuteficlets, but I think I'd be more comfortable -- and might find them more useful -- if I posted and discussed their results here, among "My People".

What do my sister and brother whackjobs think?


I don't know if this form is available at NaNoWriMo.org, but it's in Chris Baty's book, "No Plot? No Problem!". It's a contract with yourself for the project. *G*

Print this out, sign it, and tack it up somewhere where you can see it often.

NaNoWriMo ContractCollapse )